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Flattering Jeans for SAHM

There are flattering jeans for every woman no matter what size she belongs. For a stay at home mom like me, wearing jeans is not as often as wearing apron in the kitchen. But there are occasions that call for wearing jeans like when running an errand and meeting my blogger friends.

I used to have several pair of jeans when I was working. I can move freely with jeans as my former job requires a lot of moving around when I’m on assignment. Those jeans are no longer in my closet; I have to give some away because they no longer fit me.

Lately, I’m looking for a comfortable pair of jeans (at least two sizes larger). Would you suggest NYDJ? I’ve seen a pair that I really like from their website. NYDJ are jeans designed in bootcut, straight leg, and an assortment of styles to flatter the mature woman. It would be a nice present (for me) this Christmas.