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Market day and menu planning

Hubby and I went to the market this afternoon to replenish our week’s supply of pork, chicken and fish. It is easier for me to plan mentally the menu for the whole week if I have an ample stock in the ref. I save up on time and energy to go to the makeshift market everyday to buy the ingredients that I need for the day.

I bought three-fourth kilo of pork chop, ¾ kilo of pork buto-buto, ¾ pork tocino (sweetened cured pork), one-kilogram of chicken lollipop, ½ kilo chicken liver, half a kilo Maya-Maya, ½ kilo of sugpo, 1/4 tanguige diced. I also bought some vegetables and fruits.


Sinigang na Hipon

Tonight I cooked half a kilo of shrimp in tamarind soup-base for dinner and prepare fresh fruits such as “lakatan” banana and sweet ripe mango for dessert. It was a sumptuous meal for all of us. I think I might need weight loss pills that work because of overindulgence (again) in rice. I can’t resist eating more than one serving of rice with Sinigang.

Tomorrow, I’ll fry a portion of tocino with sliced tomato for breakfast and fry diced tanguige for lunch. I’m sure my kids will love that.

By the way, I’m linking up this post to Food Trip Friday. Sorry Willa for the late entry. 🙂