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New school

My son is adjusting well to his new school. Hubby and I believed that we have made the right decision in heeding to our son’s request to have him transferred to a different school. It’s not that we don’t like the previous school, but we are looking for a different teaching approach that would improve our child’s study habits. He (son) used to be a diligent student and wouldn’t go to class without an assignment, but things weren’t the same last school year. He (almost) lost interest in attending school. He got low grades because of tardiness. He doesn’t have a good relationship with some of his classmates. I thought we could not get over this dilemma until we came into a decision to look for another school.

The new school is a little farther from the old one. It caters to few students per year level. At the first parent-teacher meeting last Sunday (which hubby attended on my behalf), parents were told that students will no longer be given take home assignments and projects, instead all school activities will be completed in school. This is a welcome development for us since my son will not be burdened by numerous assignments and projects. He will have more time to rest after school. They only need to bring a notebook and pen, and water (snack are available at the school canteen) everyday. Worksheets are provided for each subject.

So far, my son said he hasn’t encountered any problem in school except for his math subject. Good thing, the new school is offering tutorial classes for students to catch up with difficult subjects.

Hubby and I hope that the new school would be able to help our son fully restore his interest in studying and that he would find real and supportive friends.

Hardworking student

School life isn’t a bed of roses for my daughter. If given an extra time she might still use them to do her homework or review her lessons for an upcoming recitation or examination. That’s how diligent she is. But don’t think she’s not having fun at all. She knows when to relax and enjoy a bit of her favorite activities in between her busy school sked. She maintains a balance between her studies and hobby. You can catch her watching a movie or drawing from her laptop. She also listens to her favorite FM radio station to unwind. I guess if she can play a musical instrument she could use her spare time to play one even an instrument that uses a cool big muff pedal.

And yes, hard work is always rewarded. A report sent to me by her school shows her midterm’s performance for the second term.

midterm grade for 2nd term