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More projects to come

After his roof painting task, hubby is bent on pursuing another long-time project of his – to improve a small space for our son’s bedroom. The lad is turning 13 this month and we realized that he needs space for himself. He and his sister are still sharing the same room and that’s the usual cause of their constant bickering. By having his own room, the big boy will have more space for his books, magazine, logo golf balls and other stuff that he doesn’t want to share with his sister.

Painting the roof green

We have saved a total of P4,800 or more than $100 for the gallons of paints (3 cans remain unopened) used for the painting of our roof. Hubby got the paints from the office. They were not actually free, but the total cost was deducted from his accumulated number of leaves. The good thing about it is that we didn’t shell out a single peso or scout for silver eagle prices for the painting job. Hubby did the painting all by himself. Great job, hon!