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Barricades: Versatile Safety Guides

Barricades may be a viable barrier solution for you to consider if tasked with traffic or pedestrian safety measures. Here, you will learn about traffic and pedestrian barricades and their use during construction, events, and emergencies.


Barricade products function as barriers and may be used as safety measures to help guide motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They may be weather-resistant, sturdy, easy to set up and put away. Barricades may comply with regulatory standards for vehicular crash tests and the visually impaired. For example, ADA-compliant pedestrian barricades may have solid material along the bottom to not trap canes and be set up to be continuous to help guide visually impaired individuals as they walk with their canes.

Construction Use

Barricades may be placed during daytime and overnight construction and utility work to alert drivers to changing traffic patterns, detours, and road closures. You may need to use different barricades for high-speed versus low-speed routes because fast-moving traffic on highways has less time to react to unexpected changes than traffic in residential areas.

Barricades may also be set around open utility holes for worker safety and to alert pedestrians and visually impaired individuals to keep away. You may use barricades to make walkways for pedestrians as well.

Event Use

Events may cause congestion. When an event is scheduled, traffic barricades may guide or reroute traffic. It may be a good idea to plan detours to lower the inconvenience to through traffic. Barricades may also be used as guides for drivers on where to park.

Another consideration during events may be pedestrian traffic. There may be crowds of attendees for any occasion. Pedestrian barricades may come in handy to control attendees, create walkways, and keep attendees out of restricted areas.

Emergency Use

During incidents and motor vehicle accidents, you may use barricades to keep away or reroute traffic and signal to slow down. The barriers may be quickly transported, set up, and removed.