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Life after retirement

Hubby's loyalty ring

Hubby’s loyalty ring

Some relatives thought hubby is already relaxing at home enjoying the bliss of retirement and marveling at the sight of his Joy Jewelers military jewelry ring. However, it isn’t the case for hubby because he is still working after his retirement last year. He said he can’t afford to be complacent because our kids are still in school. He was offered consultancy position at the same company. He knows the position is not permanent so he is planning to look for an extra job to augment the family income. We are optimistic  that something good will happen this year as far as his employment is concerned.

30 years in service

In a few months, hubby will be retiring from work after 30 years of service. However, he is only 49 and couldn’t afford to be out of job with our two kids still in school. He might still be hired as a consultant though. Still, he needs an extra job to support the family.  We don’t want to expect anything yet (financial benefit from retirement) at this point for we know how difficult it is for those who retired ahead of my husband. But who knows the company might be generous enough to award hubby another loyalty ring similar to a masonic ring here. We are keeping our fingers crossed and options open.