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Squeaky Clean!

I’m thankful that Scotch-Brite agreed to be one of our sponsors at the recent PMC 2nd Grand EB. Because of their giveaway items I don’t need to buy a month supply of home cleaning products especially the ones I use to clean the dishes and a sturdy sponge to clean our bathroom.

A few days after the mommy event, I scrubbed the bathroom wall using Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Bathroom Scrub Sponge and diluted powder soap. After rinsing off the suds, I’ve got a squeaky clean wall. The tiles look as if they were newly installed. Besides the colorful designs, Scotch Brite has easy-grip design for easy use. Now I’ve found a new cleaning partner in Scotch Brite.

Other Scotch-Brite products that I received were Scotch-Brite Kitchen Gloves, Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad, Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Antibacterial Scrub Sponge, Scotch-Brite Light Duty Scrub Sponge with fun designs.

Invitation to review products

I received an invitation  from a US-based company that offers free products in exchange for writing reviews.  The requirement is simple you just have to register and then choose the product that you want to receive to review. You can also use the product as a give-away to your loyal followers.


Unfortunately, I did not qualify because the promotion is good for US and Canada only.


Anyway, you can check out thesite here if you are interested.