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Preggy look


With fellow bloggers (the one in brown top). Photo grab from Nora’s FB album.
Photo taken during Sati’s first birthday celebration

This is how I look now  and I’m not happy about it. Proof that I was mistaken for being pregnant was the comment made by a lady market vendor. I was buying hotdogs from her stall when the lady wearing a smile on her face asked me if I was pregnant. ‘Oh, no, I’m not,’ I told her. ‘I thought you were pregnant because you gain weight,’ she said. ‘Ah, yes I’ve added pounds because I’m sitting in front of the computer most of the time..’ ‘Oh, I see.’

The truth hurts. But what can I do? Even if I’m tempted to take slimming pills, I’m still unsure if I will be getting the safest diet pill. There are so many available diet pills in the market, it’s just difficult to decide which one is effective.