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Wish you were here

My friend who just graduated from nursing school last month is looking forward to migrate to the United States where most of her family members are residing. When we were still working in the same office she used to tell me that she’ll send me postcard when she’s already in the US. I’m happy for her that she was able to finish her second course in three years time. With her attitude and perseverance I know that she’ll be able to pass the nursing board exam scheduled this year.


We’ve been friends for so long I’m sure she will keep her promise to communicate with me through whatever means convenient for her. She can send me email or we can chat during her free time. She can send me postcard anytime. I’ll have no problem with receiving postcard in our area because we have an improved postcard mailing services here. In case I’m not around to receive the postcard, my sister-in-law who is also my neighbor can always accept the postcard for me.

I haven’t seen my friend for three years now but she calls me often despite her busy schedule. I wish here good luck in her coming review classes. I’m sure all her efforts will be rewarded in the end.