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Number One on my list

Were there instances in your life that you’re  talking to a loved one, a friend or your boss on the phone and suddenly the conversation would cut off? Yes, oftentimes. Often the culprit is either I ran out of load or my GSM service provider has poor coverage in the area where I’m making the call. I don’t want to experience the same serious problem with my phone so I switched to a different service provider. Now, if you’re already a Globe subscriber like me, you will find this latest promo from Globe really interesting. Called Super One, the service offers unlimited call and text to your frequently called number say your husband, kids, or your boss if you are holding a sensitive position at work. Globe Super One works by picking a single number or numbers if you want more than one and sign it up as you Super One. Like me the number that swamped my call log and inbox belongs to my husband. So he is my Super One! 🙂 He is the first and  same person who always calls and text me when he is at work. Sweet! 😀


If you’re a Globe Postpaid plan subscriber you will be able to maximize this feature and let you call and text that special person(s) to your heart’s content. You will definitely enjoy this one from Globe for only P150 for each number every month. As of this writing, Super One is the most affordable unlimited offer out there. If you’re already on a Globe postpaid or Fully Loaded plan, just pick the person you want to be your SuperOne and then text SUPERONE ON to 8888. If you’re on a Globe SuperPlan, text MY SUPERONE ON to 8888. To know more about Globe’s Super offers, you may call (02) 730 1000 or visit a Globe Store near you.


I’m not sure if this post will qualify, but I heard Globe Super One is giving out a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Android for the best blog post about Super One under the Super One Blogger Contest. Anyway, if you are interested, you can join too by clicking on the link above.