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My online source of income

A fellow mommy blogger once asked me where I find my opps or blog opportunities to be precise. I was once like her when I was just starting so I shared with her the companies and websites that offer opportunities for bloggers by writing reviews and more. At the moment, I accept assignments from the following popular companies:

Blogsvertise, PayU2Blog, Reviewme, SponsoredReviews

I wish I could tell the other sites but some companies are kind of jealous seeing a competitor’s link/name here. Anyway, I also accept assignments from direct advertisers. Lately, I was one of the lucky bloggers who got assignments from Pehpot. Thanks Marce! Even if I don’t have an EON card yet, I still get to enjoy my online earnings by buying stuff for my kids and hubby. However, I really wish to apply for an EON card soon so I could encash my hard earned money and help hubby pay for phone and utility bills that pile up every 30th of the month. 🙁

If you wish to earn like me you may check out and sign up to the companies that I’ve mentioned above. I wish you good luck. Hope you’ll receive your first assignment soon and spend your earnings wisely. 🙂