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Why mums are becoming online gamers

The gamer of today is no longer the typical male teen or technology geek as women are closing the gender gap. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) 2012 figures revealed that 47% of gamers are women. Women over the age of 18 make up one of the industry’s fastest growing demographic and this article will set out why they are becoming more involved.

Online gaming has become a central part of a mum’s day, using online games to relax and unwind from the daily stresses to enjoy online games and online casinos. Recently online casinos have risen in popularity among women with websites designing their games and webpages around women gamers. Women’s presence in online casinos such as Intertops Casino has meant that the demographics of online casinos have changed significantly and online casinos have had to change accordingly.

There has been a rise in the interaction and socialising side of online games and casinos with players being able to interact via an in-play message board, forum or through social media sites. The social side of online gaming has attracted mums who might be in the house alone during the day whilst their children are at school or whilst they are out and about in-between errands. The message boards offer like-minded mums the chance to communicate with one another whilst enjoying the online games.

With the rise of accessibility via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones allowing mums access to online games whilst on the move, the increased ease of access has made mums become more involved in the world of online gambling. Whilst waiting to pick the children up on the school run or commuting on public transport, they are able to fill their time with an enjoyable online game or online casino. There are a large variety of free online games, and even casinos offer free games so to try before you buy. The advantage is that these online games can be paused and continued later on in the day meaning that they don’t lose their progress.

Mums are becoming online gamers in an attempt to bond with their children and for their children’s education. There are a large number of entertainment and educational online games that provide mental stimulation such as puzzles or education to children and also helps them to connect to their friends online. Mums can play alongside their kids or supervise them as they play and this has become a new fun family activity to enter the modern household.

The ease of access and interaction that online games now provide, as well as the educational aspect that can be provided through online gaming, has increased the popularity of online games with mums. This demographic will without a doubt continue to increase and become more and more popular, and therefore possibly shape the future of the online gaming world as it has already started to do so within online casinos.