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Finding Ultimate Solutions for Odor and Fashion Faux Pas

If consistently embarrassing odor and white collar-stains from several hot days of work and sweat has left you feeling hopeless, then finding a special problem-fixer won’t hurt you, right? Is there any solution to what can cure this problem of ring around the collar or gassy smells? Yes! The folks at SolutionsthatStick.com have answers to every one of life’s most humiliating problems that irritatingly recur.

If your boyfriend or significant other has issues with omitting gassy, sometimes lethally toxic-smelling odors, especially after eating their fast-food favorite’s or stuffing down bag after bag of potato chips; then give them the protection you deserve while with them. Instead of arguing, try knocking out that odor with a fart pad! They control odors by inhibiting the omitting of smelly gas that can spoil any social event or special occasion with friends.

Who wants to be the life of the party when something embarrassing is always going to happen? SolutionsthatStick.com has online products to avoid embarrassing situations and control certain problems that become more obvious. Fart pads are attachable, stick-able pads that don’t let the “actual” bad smells release, but hide smells by filtering out the odors with a micro-fiber that gets the job done! These pads fit snuggly between the gas and the seat of your pants and can be worn without a scratch to any party, dinner or office setting!

If your shopping excursions to the mall have been going slowly downhill due to lack of higher income levels, you may find instant relief from “old collar stains” with stain protector tape. It gives a garment added life by protecting it against sweat, air, and dirt discolorations. Who wants to throw away their favorite button-down shirt, sports hat, or cheap white t-shirt? Clothing might be a little worn-out but, old items made of cotton fabric are so comfortable that even lack of washing them still makes them the most cherish-able object of fashion in the closet!

So, if you have garments that have passed their stage of cleanliness, protect them with a little added upkeep called, “adhesive collar protectors.” Going the distance with a fashion favorite is the best way to spend less while making something retain its former beauty!