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Last weekend

I had two days off from blogging. I did not go anywhere but stay at home to finish what I had been planning to do several weeks ago. I clean most parts of the house. I change our curtains, seat and bed cover that look grayish than its original color. I think you’re probably aware of the reason which really kept hubby and I super busy for three months, that we have no time to thoroughly clean the house. So finally last weekend I’m reunited with my cleaning tools and was able to make our house spotless. I’m so tired of cleaning but I feel happy knowing that I accomplish something worthwhile for my family. My backache was killing me after the task that I could lay and sleep all day on our mattress bed that looks neat with a newly washed cover. This weekend, I have a long line of tasks to do including washing clothes and help kids prepare for their first periodical exam scheduled next week. I’m back to mommy and wife mode and I’m happy about it.