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Christmas season is here

It’s the beginning of the “ber” months already and you know what it means to everyone in the Philippines. It’s Christmas season! September is actually the start of the preparation for the longest Christmas celebration in this side of the planet.

Just this morning I heard a Christmas song played on the radio and later saw a TV show featuring shops that sell Christmas ornaments and decors and photo Christmas cards. Some may already feel the Christmas rush, but not me. I know what the occasion means and I don’t want to get affected. Ha ha.

I have stopped doing my Christmas list for my godchildren since I quit my job. Sadly, I don’t have any means to buy gifts for them. If only I could make do-it-yourself toys to give them away, but my godchildren are young adults now. Most of them I have not seen in years. If I’m good at making crafts and stuff I will give them personalized Christmas cards instead. It’s the thought the counts right?