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She needs a new laptop

My daughter’s one-year old second-hand laptop gave up on her last month. She was so frustrated because she was in the middle of completing a project for the finals when the monitor suddenly went black. Good thing she was able to recover her work through our desktop. But she badly needs a laptop replacement as she will be using graphic software that requires higher memory and faster CPU.

Lazada laptop

My husband saw this branded laptop in Lazada and happy to find out that it is discounted and it meets the requirements for graphic use.

We only need to save a bit more in order to buy this. My daughter, who is excited to receive her first salary as newspaper cartoonists, will also contribute to pay for the amount of the laptop. We hope to be able to raise the amount before the laptop quickly sells out.

Internet connection

Since we switched to Wi-Fi the kids can now use portables (gadget) even when they are in the bedroom. Technology really makes our lives a lot easier these days. Imagine when we used to buy pre-paid cards just to have Internet connection at home. Internet is vital to my former job. I need to be online most of the time for research and when sending my articles to our office in Manila. Pre-paid and dial-up sometimes took a lot of my time to get connected. Prepaid cards lapse and dial-up sometimes are slower to give you connection and it takes a long time to upload data.