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How To Keep Your Lake Beautiful

Owning lake property can offer both fun on the water and relaxing, peaceful views. The beauty of having a property near a lake versus owning a pool is less maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your lake. A properly maintained lake is a haven for wildlife with its rich ecosystem, so there are several things you can do to keep your area healthy.

Ongoing Maintenance

Many people are surprised to know that lake aeration is essential. Without the oxygen it provides, water can quickly become overcrowded with unsightly algae and strong odors. A green lake will ruin your views and water activity fun. A competent company will be able to specially design an aeration plan that fits the size and depth of your water.

Tackling Problems

If you are lucky enough to live on a lake fit for swimming, you know that weeds can quickly get out of control. At certain levels, they can even get caught in boat or other watercraft motors, causing expensive maintenance. Lakes with a large number of weeds and algae are also more bountiful breeding grounds for mosquitoes. At a minimum, they can make swimming difficult and potentially unsafe. The best way to handle a weed problem is to contact the professionals. Look for a company that has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. They should be able to use a weed management solution that won’t harm wanted wildlife, while limiting the weeds that are able to grow in the future.

Homes by the water are naturally more serene environments. A green or smelly lake takes away from that experience, so it’s best to find a company to perform ongoing maintenance or aeration to control excessive weeds and algae. With a little effort upfront, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful lake view for years to come.