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6 Budget Kitchen Gifts Everyone Will Appreciate

Anyone that loves to cook, or create new dishes in the kitchen, will appreciate a new-fangled kitchen gadget to experiment with. Here are six fun toys that any adventurous cook will love.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Stick Food Processor

Why pull out the huge food processor to make a smoothie? Instead, making a smoothie or mixing up soup can be as easy as blending with a stick blender – and so much quicker to clean up. Simply wave the immersion blender around inside the glass, and you have an instant smoothie.

Cutting Mats

Cooks of all types love the vibrant color coordinated cutting boards for food prep. Chop the food in one area, and the cutting mats make transporting the food to the pan a breeze!

Splatter Screen

Frying foods, simmering juices, and boiling sauces can all send liquids bouncing out of the pan and onto your stove. Alleviate the problem with a splatter screen. Choose one with steam release holes if you like your vegetables crunchy.

Cast Iron Cleaner

Do your friends use cast iron? If so, this little square of chainmail will surprise and delight them. They are used to scrub even the hardest and most burnt bits off any cast-iron pan with only a little effort. Someone should have come up with this idea a long time ago!

Oil Atomizer

Once your friends have tried the oil atomizer, they will wonder how they could ever live without it! No more glops of oil or uneven salad spread, the sprayer allows you to pull the trigger and let a fine mist cover the bottom of the pan or dress the salad perfectly.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Give the gift of a spiralizer and allow your friends to turn any vegetable into a fabulous noodle. From carrots to zucchinis to sweet potatoes, everyone loves them – even children. Add sauce for a tasty meal in just a few minutes.

Whether you want to give a practical kitchen gift or a surprisingly fun present, there is something on the list above for anyone. Check the items out and find one for yourself as well!

Easy Kitchen Updates

Summer tends to be the time when people start projects around the house.  If you have an older home, you may be considering updating your kitchen.  What exactly is kitchen updating?  It is just making it more modern, without the drawbacks of a full remodel.  This means no construction or changing major items, just updating small items that can make a big difference.

Here are some easy kitchen updates that you can do during the weekends this summer.  They are relatively quick, and can make your kitchen look much more updated.  If you need other ideas, you may want to check out Kitchens by Wren.

Updating Your Cabinets

The first thing you can do to make your kitchen look more updated is to update your cabinets.  There is no reason to get new cabinets if yours are still in good condition.  Instead, focus on what you can do to make them look new again.

First, you may want to consider changing out the hardware.  Cabinet hardware makes a big difference on how they look, and hardware is relatively cheap.  Check out your local store for inspiration, and see if there is newer hardware that could make your cabinets look sharp.

A second, bigger, project is to update your cabinet color or stain.  You could sand down the face of your cabinets if they are wood and either re-stain them, or paint them a new color.  Depending on the style of your home, fresh white cabinets could make your kitchen look new and modern again.

Upgrading Your Appliances

Another easy upgrade is to get new appliances.  This is probably one of the more expensive upgrades you can do, but getting new stainless steel appliance can really make your kitchen look sharp, and can add functionality.  This is especially true if you haven’t upgraded your appliances in years.

The important thing to consider when upgrading your appliances is to make sure that they will fit into the existing space, and that you have the right type of hook-ups.  For example, don’t get a gas range top if you have electric currently and don’t have a gas line.  The range top wouldn’t work, and adding a gas line adds expense, and may not even be possible.

Also, if you’re getting a new refrigerator, make sure that you have the appropriate water hook ups.  Many old refrigerators didn’t have water in the door, and most new ones do, so plan appropriately.