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Still kids after all

Candies and toys are supposed to be for younger kids, right? Like Kinder Joy, the egg-shaped container with a chocolate cream and crispy balls and toy treat inside? They’re definitely a child’s delight. But who would have thought my kids, who are both teeners, would still enjoy this candy craze.

naomi's kinder joy toy

Just to give in to their little request, Dad brought a couple of kinder joy the other night. It was hilarious seeing these two over-sized kids excitedly open their presents. I hope I was able to capture their silly facial expressions in video.

Kyle's kinder joy toy

As a mom, it’s always a joy to see kids (as big as them) enjoy and appreciate the simple things that we can offer them.

They may be old enough for toys, but rare moments like these are meant to be cherished. They’re still kids after all.