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Ink Addict: Cool tattoo acessories and unique ink t shirts

InkAddict is a lifestyle apparel brand that appeals to the tattoo artist and culture industry. It has the most uniquely designed t shirts for men, woman and even children because they will design your tattoo onto a blank, comfortable t shirt. They are about expressing yourself through your own unique design of your tattoo on fabric. Everything is carefully hand picked to suit the taste of each person browsing through each item, whether you are designing a tattoo and want it on a t shirt or you choose from the gallery that has different, colorful designs from the talented artists. From t shirts and pants to hats and socks, you will find an exceptional variety of gifts for you or your friends. If you are looking for something a little more personal, the artist page will take you through a variety of tattoo inspired t shirts and accessories, made from the hearts of their special tattoo artists. They choose a piece of art that they have designed and that means something special to them and implement that design onto t shirts. Browse through the variety of cool tattoo accessories and choose your favorite design on a hat, patch or sticker.

Children’s t shirts have their very Ink Addict design t shirt to represent mom or dad. Men and Woman can chose from fancy and colorful logo t-shirts and long sleeve shirts, slim tank tops, pants and leggings with the unique Ink Addict logo, zipper hoodies and accessories that include stickers, patches, hats and socks. You can take advantage of the chance for free shipping on orders over $70.00. Stop by the blog for exclusive interviews, tattoos and events to keep you entertained. Are you looking for a special gift for a friend and can’t make up your mind? Browse through the thermal and two-toned hoodies for men and woman or search through the selection of logo ink t shirts. Whatever it is, you can be creative through the art of self expression. If you are still unsure of what to get them, gift cards are also available in any amount!