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Home Space Solution: De-cluttering

Don’t you just feel like your mind fails to work when things around you are a huge mess? A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind, so the only solution is to de-clutter and organize. This seemingly herculean task can be done, with the proper attitude, and materials.

First thing to do is to dispose of items which you no longer have any use for. If they’ve simply been gathering dust inside your old computer cabinets for at least one year, then it’s time to let them go. What’s the use in keeping something you haven’t used for a long time, right?

Next is organization. If you can, keep items which serve more or less the same purpose together. For instance, keep a cabinet shelf for tools, another one for writing materials, etc. You can put small items together, such as screws and nails, in a tiny zip lock bag, and then keep it in your designated cabinet space for tools.

It doesn’t really take much time or effort to organize your home. It will be well worth it, once you are finally able to think more clearly because there’s more physical space around you.