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Hot plate welding system

Traditionally. hot plate platic welding typically is utilized in the welding of irregularly shaped as well as larger plastic parts. These typically are plastic parts that contain challenging contours and joint lines.

This type of welding uses what is called a heated platen to place the heat in close proximity to the surface. The process results in joining two different surfaces together. After the melting occurs, the pieces for a permanent molecular and hermatic seal.

The hot plate welding system comes complete with a number of different crucial capabilities that include closed loop process controls and a touch screen interface. Other important features and capabilities associated with the hot plate welding system include: multiple programmable memory storage, easy tool changeover, pneumatic and hydraulic options. In addition, a person using the system can weld by either time or distance, depending on the specific project specifications. Non-contact systems are also available through the hot plate welding system available from Plastic Assembly Systems.

The highly efficient and effective welding system is available for a reasonable price at Plastic Assembly Systems. With all businesses being budget conscious at this juncture of the 21st century, this type of cost containment is always a welcome reality.

Finally, Plastic Assembly Systems is committed to outstanding customer service to ensure that a customer obtains the precise equipment required and ongoing support after a purchase is made.