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Facts About 2 Popular Wood Choices for Horse Jump Poles

Horse show jumping enthusiasts spend much time and practice on their favorite sport. Learning to show jumpers and hunters takes a great deal of instruction in the proper methods, as well as concentrated time working on equitation, not to mention all of the horsekeeping tasks that any well-cared-for equine requires.

One aspect of show jumping revolves around the myriad of show jumps that a stable can have on hand for schooling and show purposes. Crucial components that make up the jumps include horse jump poles. These poles, which rest in jump cups designed for the purpose and attached to jump standards, consist of shaped or round wooden poles over which the horse and rider jump. The type of wood used for the jump poles plays a critical role in their durability and strength, and two different types of wood stand out as popular picks when purchasing new jump poles.

1. German Spruce

Dense forests of spruce populate areas in Germany, particularly in the western region. The trees stand tall in the woods, with a classic triangular shape found in many evergreen tree species. Spruce trees offer dense softwood that works well in construction projects and equally well for horse jump poles. In addition, the freshly cut wood must undergo a drying process before use in projects, which helps to enhance the wood’s density. Spruce’s propensity as an elastic wood also works as an indicator of its great strength. Note that mobile pole caddies help the horse jump poles stay off the ground and out of moisture, improving their longevity. 

2. Lodge Pine

Lodge pine trees grow well in North America. When processed, this softwood offers good strength properties, making it an excellent choice for various construction projects and often gets utilized in horse show jump poles. After suitable processing, Lodge pine exhibits good durability as well.

When shopping for wood to use for horse show jumps, the popular German spruce and Lodge pine lumber remain top choices for riding stables and horse owners. Their strength and durability mean that the jumps last longer and retain a great appearance.