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DMMHS High school batch ’87

I notice the increasing number of  high school batchmates joining our Facebook group. I have seen a few classmates in third year, but I don’t have the guts to add them to my friends list. I’m a bit shy to connect with them maybe I’ll wait for them to initiate the invitation.

I couldn’t help but wonder why the good looking girls in my batch maintain their youthful look. Although they gain pounds they still look the same pretty girls in their elegant prom dresses 23 years ago. I will be more than happy to see them in person especially those who belong in my class. I think they are cooking up an event this December. I have to check that out.

High school reunion


A schoolmate has organized another reunion for our batch in high school. She even reminded me about it when she greeted me on my birthday.  The first meet-up occurred last year, but only a handful of our batch mates showed up. I wish to join them this time. But I can’t commit because of an impending job.

The reason why I’m not fond of attending reunions is that I’m not confident to meet with former classmates now.  If only I can take a diet pill that works overnight, I might have the confidence to meet them again.  After all, 23 years is such a long time. We have a lot things to talk about including our family or current job.  I’m sure the popular topic for discussions will center on being a mom and raising kids.  🙂