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What people should know about blood clot

And how a food supplement can help avoid it

WHAT do national artist Fernando Poe Jr., former National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Reynaldo Wycoco and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have in common aside from being famous?

All three of them succumbed to stroke or brain attack, a health condition that causes three out of 10 deaths worldwide. This life-threatening illness is actually caused by blood clot or the coagulation or thickening of blood.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide and leading cause of disability in the Philippines; while death from heart disease ranks first as cause of death in the century, records from the Department of Health showed.

Experts noted that stroke and heart attack knows no social status – from poor to the ordinary to the rich and famous.

General Wycoco was a health buff, Poe appeared to be physically fit, and Sharon’s doctors could not find anything wrong except that the Palestinian President is overweight.

“Hindi namimili ang stroke at heart attack for as long as you have the risk factor. As long as you have unhealthy lifestyle you can be a victim. Kahit na mahirap ka o mayaman ka you can develop blood clot,” according to a health official.

A clot forms when clotting factors in the blood cause it to coagulate or become a solid, jelly-like mass.

When a blood clot forms inside a blood vessel (a thrombus), it can dislodge and travel through the blood stream, causing a heart attack or stroke.

Risk factor for blood clot

Blood clots may also be formed by or in association with atherosclerosis, heart attack, or stroke, valvular heart disease, heart failure, infection, cancer, autoimmune disorder (lupus or rheumatoid arthritis), bleeding disorders (hemophilia), inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), history of varicose veins or other vascular conditions, pregnancy, high blood pressure (hypertension), thrombocythemia (in which greater numbers of platelets are produced), and atrial

Smoking, elevated levels of homocysteine, obesity, prolonged lack of exercise, use of oral contraceptives, advanced age, genetic factors, and sitting or standing in one position for a prolonged period of time, acquired trauma, pregnancy, and heart failure, are other risk factors of blood clot.

How Circulan works

Circulan is an FDA-approved food supplement that helps improve blood circulation. It helps fight against hypertension, stroke, heart problems, cholesterol control and cancer.

Circulan also serves as a natural stress reliever that helps to improve sleep and restfulness, enhances memory and concentration, boost resistance to infection, and maintain youthful vigor and vitality.

Circulan comes in a soft gel capsule that contains extracts from four (4) potent herbs that work synergistically for proper blood circulation.

a. Hawthorn Berry [for a healthy heart]
b. Ginkgo Biloba [for the arteries]
c. Garlic Oil [for blood]
d. Lemon Balm [for the nerves]

For 12 years, Circulan has helped countless families stay healthy together. Prominent personalities such as Robin Padilla and Gretchen Baretto and ordinary people can prove that Circulan continues to bring out the best in their abilities. Keeping their body strong, energetic and ready to pursue life’s passions.

Circulan and healthy lifestyle

With proper diet, exercise and doctor-approved food supplement we can all have the chance to give back the love and care that our family and friends also continuously give us.

Kapag tuloy-tuloy ang alaga, tuloy-tuloy ang healthy and happy life! Circulan, Nasadugolangyan!

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