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Hair and scalp damage

It happened to me in my early 20’s and could happen to you if you are not careful.


I have a natural straight hair but I want a different look. I had my hair professionally permed in a saloon to give it a full body look. But the result was not satisfying. I end up having my hair straightened again two weeks after the first hair treatment. The outcome was a disaster.

I felt a tingling sensation on my scalp and my hair started to thin. My scalp becomes visible and I need to resort to hairspray and sport a shorter hair to cover the thinning, but the chemical on the hairspray aggravate the burning and itchy sensation on my scalp.

I never tried using hair loss prevention remedy except for taking vitamin B complex recommended by our company doctor. Somebody recommended fresh Aloe Vera (Sabila) plant to help hair grow. I religiously applied and massage Aloe Vera extract or pulp directly onto my scalp. I’m not sure if it really works but each time I used it, the itchiness and pain lessen.

I took more than a year before my scalp fully recovers from the trauma of hair treatment. I’ve learned my lesson and never tried anything that would damage my scalp again.


Crowning glory

hair loss for women is common in women who are undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy and cobalt irradiation. My aunt, who is now in remission for cancer, experienced thinning of hair and complete hair loss during her treatment. Sadly, her daughter, my cousin Cez, is also undergoing chemotherapy treatment after she was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer last February. I hope she will not lose her hair during the progression of her treatment. My aunt used to cover her head with a bandana. As for my cousin, I haven’t heard from her in a while. But from our last conversation, she said she has lost her appetite for food. She can only take soft food but even that is intolerable. I feel for my cousin. She got married barely a year ago and now this sad news.