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Connect with friends using Gloo

If there’s one hobby beside blogging that I’m eager to learn about is digital scrap booking. I envy friends who can turn a simple picture into a work of art, so to speak. Each design is creatively done to make it look like an actual scrapbook project. I’m seriously considering asking my friends in the blogosphere to teach me (please) how to do it. 🙂

Anyway, I found an interesting site called Gloo. It is an online scrapbook collaboration website, which allows users to doodle and write things on a canvas in real time. I immediately signed up to see what’s in store for me. In a matter of minutes, I created my own Gloo space. It is so easy and fun to use. See the colorful doodles I created around my sticky note? I feel like a child again 😀

If you notice the screen shot, I’m sharing with my hubby the sticky post I wrote on my space. Both of us can see the sticky note at the same time. Cool isn’t it?

My Gloo Space

My Gloo Space

You can post notes, images and videos in your own Gloo space. Gloo has so many uses. You can make your own scrapbook in here. If you have relatives abroad, this is the best way to interact with them. You can also create a message board for your blogger and non-blogger friends. And if you are into events planning, managing your own business online or simply create a board for school meetings, you can try out Gloo for just any online activity you can think of.

By the way, Gloo is not a social networking site like the other widely used social media. It comes with Globe Broadband Plans as an add-on web application. So if you are interested to Inquire about Gloo, you can check out http://web.globe.com.ph.