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Sexier in black

I have a few collections of black shirts, three-fourth and full sleeve blouse and lately, black Capri pants in my wardrobe. They are simple yet elegant to look at. Black tops are versatile. They can be used in any occasions.

I’m looking for additional black tops to replace the smaller ones in my closet. See how black tops cover my bulges. 😀

Some or all pictures here have been posted on this site and in my other blogs.


My early entry for Girls Talk.

Three times

sarisari 006

bigger the size of the lovely mom in the picture LOL. That’s how I will describe my shapely figure as of this writing. he he

If you are in for a ‘big’ surprise, go and tease other girls here. Have fun and stay safe this weekend.  Happy GT!  (miss you marce Niks)