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Finding a bra that actually fits

Bras; most of us wear them and some of us may even take them for granted, but are you actually wearing the right size? It is estimated that some 80-90% of women wear the wrong sized bra on a daily basis, causing unsightly wrinkles and creases in clothing, overspill, awkward movement, discomfort and even health complications.

But it’s just a bra, right?

Wrong. Choosing a bra is one of those occasions when ‘okay’ isn’t good enough. The most common mistake women make when buying a bra is to overcompensate on the band size whilst selecting a smaller cup size. Whether this is down to poor measurements or utter guesswork, it leaves the breasts to be supported by the shoulder straps alone, putting pressure on the back, shoulders and neck. Far more than just being uncomfortable, an ill-fitting bra can cause migraines, neck and back pain, circulation and skin problems, stress on the bones and muscles and even breathing difficulties. A poorly fitted bra can also cause deep, irritating grooves in the shoulders and may lead to tissue migration, in which breast tissue actually becomes displaced into the armpits, sternum or back.

Did you know?

Wearing a better fitting bra can actually increase your cup size.

How do so many women get it wrong?

Being professionally fitted for a bra, particularly your first, can be a daunting and embarrassing experience. Some women may feel uncomfortable with the idea of going topless in front of a stranger, however briefly, while others may not know what they are looking for or even what a bra is supposed to feel like when fitted correctly.

There is a certain misconception surrounding bra sizing that associates a larger bust size with being fat; this is certainly not the case and no one should be afraid to get measured for this reason. Other women may mistakenly assume that their breasts are too small for a bra or that their breasts are too small/big for an attractive bra. They may even have been measured incorrectly at a previous fitting. Remember, it’s okay to seek a second opinion if the bras suggested do not feel right.

Measuring your bra size

It isn’t always necessary to head in the direction of a professional in order to get fitted for the right bra. In fact it’s perfectly easy to measure yourself, following simple guidelines that can be found online or in many store brochures. It is a good idea to take all measurements naked or wearing a non-padded bra, as this will allow for more accurate readings. Many sites also recommend stretching out first, allowing the breast tissue to settle properly; it is surprising how badly an ill-fitting bra can distort the body.

Once the measurements are complete, why not head to a lingerie specialist such as Lingeriediva.com? There are so many gorgeous styles out there these days that there is no excuse not to select a bra to suit any taste; just be wary that not all of them will suit each breast type.