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One year and counting

This month marked my first anniversary with my favorite blogging network. I decided to just keep the company’s name for personal reason. But I think everyone in the blogsphere especially those who are doing paid post know about this much sought after company.

If not for a dear friend of mine, I might not get into their system.All the weeks of waiting has paid off when my application was finally approved. The wait was so worth it.

For the past one year, the earnings I received from the network has helped me pay our bills, pay for the monthly tuition of my kids, bought personal stuff for each member of my family and recently, helped us pay part of my kids’ hospital bill.

I’m happy to be part of the network’s steady pool of bloggers/writers and I’m seeing myself working with them for 20 more years. 😀

Here’s to my favorite company! Happy work anniversary to me! 🙂