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Electric bill

I’m sure many of you felt infuriated by your current electric bill. Who wouldn’t be? People affected by the sudden increase are discussing about it in FB, even forming a group to criticize Meralco for their enormous charges. I’m thinking of joining them after receiving our bill the other day. We were charged an additional P1, 200 this month. So instead of paying only the regular P2, 400 monthly bill, I will be paying a total of P3, 614.60. What is their basis for charging us that much? We don’t own an AC and we already refrain from using air pot, rice cooker, and flat iron to minimize power consumption yet our bill swell to more than P3K. The  appliance that has been working overtime  is our two stand fan and a desk fan. I wish the Meralco people just committed an error in using their receipt printer to charge their paying customers and then issue a refund later.