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N's latest cartoon about Facebook's privacy issue

N’s latest cartoon about Facebook’s privacy issue

This is just an update on my previous post about the kids’ summer “job”.

The kids seem to enjoy the summer activity that they are still doing it now. They draw cartoons during their spare time on weekdays and weekend.

Don’t think that we are forcing them to work but the kids understand that it is an opportunity that happened at the right time.

What my daughter is earning from the drawing stint is a big help in paying for her tuition on installment basis.

The younger kid, on the hand, has to be taught how to save his earnings. Although he’s not asking for allowance to buy his personal effect, he needs to budget his money and save some of it.

Hubby and I are thankful for these blessings. We were in a financial situation, but blessings really come in unexpected package.

Newspaper cartoonists for the summer

My kids will be busy this summer. They were commissioned to do cartoon works for a tabloid. It’s not the kind of job wherein they are required to stay in the office from 8 to 5. The kids are only required to submit their work through email. They started yesterday and these are their published works which I’m happy to share here. By the way, whatever earnings they are about to receive from their summer job will go to their personal savings. This (cartoon work) will be a good learning experience for my kids to further improve their  drawing skills especially for my daughter who is taking up Digital Arts. She can add this to her portfolio when she applies for work in the future.

guessing game #1a

This was made by Khalil for the newspaper’s Guessing Game section.

editorial cartoon #1

Naomi’s first editorial cartoon. Both cartoons came out on April 6, 2014 issue of People’s Tonight.