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Still thankful

I just wrote a thank you post last week enumerating among other things the blessings we received this year including good health. But a few days after I wrote my thank you note, I accompany my husband to the hospital after he complained of heaviness in the chest and uneasiness due to high blood pressure.

At the hospital, staff from the emergency room took his BP and ECG (electrocardiogram) test to determine if there is irregularity in his breathing or if he has a heart condition. It took only five minutes or less for the ECG to complete. It was fast. But waiting for the result took us almost an hour.

It was chilly in the ER and I couldn’t stand it. I dash to the nearest comfort room located on the same floor to relieve myself. After urinating I readily wash my hands with liquid soap and water. But they don’t have paper towels or hand dryers to dry off  hands. I wish they have one installed in every CR. It’s a good thing I have ample tissue paper with me.

When I returned hubby is still seated in the same place I left him. He was waiting for me to share the good news that his ECG test is okay. Hubby returned to the hospital the following day for a complete blood work up (that include CBC, RBC, cholesterol, etc.) and then ultrasound for his kidneys and gall bladder as per instruction of our doctor. Both tests showed normal results. Hubby is set to see our doctor for his next checkup this week.