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Second chance

More kids turn to drugs for a number of reasons such as family problem, peer influence or mere curiosity. I have heard a number of stories like these from former drug users who sought treatment in drug rehabilitation centers.

Listening to the stories of young boys and girls enlighten me as a parent. I heard from the point of view of children who are neglected by their own parents, who are either separated or too busy with their own affairs. It’s sad to know how parent-children interaction and the lack of it can destroy the lives of young people. Imagine seeing these lives in drug rehab when they should be enjoying their time with their families, friends (the good ones), school and community.

Drug rehab is the only place where drug patients are supposed to be taken for treatment by trained personnel who will facilitate their slow recovery.

Drug treatment includes detoxification or the removal of toxic substances into the patient’s system. It is during this process that patients need the full support of their families and friends; the medical staff and their own peers inside the rehab to recover and eventually send back to mainstream to lead a normal life.

Drug addiction is truly a menace and it’s everybody’s concern to do something to curb if not eradicate the problem. Parents with young children should be vigilant all the time. If you are a parent like me, try to be your children’s confidant. Win their trust not to nose around but guide them in everyway you can. Try to explain the things that you want your children to avoid or quit doing for their own good. Parents should know the people their kids are dealing with. And most importantly, listen to your kids.

For kids out there, it always pays to heed your mom’s advice. She may not be perfect, but mom’s intuition will always keep you away from trouble. Trust me.  🙂