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Road trip

One of the many plans that I have is to travel with my family for a vacation.  We haven’t experienced spending a day or two outside Metro Manila. It has always been our dream to have a vacation somewhere in Tagaytay or Baguio. But the only thing that hinder us from doing so is that we don’t have a car and hubby is not sold on the idea of long-distance commuting. He said its convenient to travel long distance if we have our own car to use. My husband used to worry about our kids’ safety when we travel by bus or even taxi when they were babies. We also experienced the hassle of commuting while carrying bags full of baby stuff such as bottles, nappies and similar items (I’m just glad those years were over).  🙂

Our kids are bigger now and can tolerate long distance travel so maybe a vacation is in the offing (fingers crossed). I just wish we have an rv motorhomes to take us to our dream destination. 😀

I’ve seen an rv motorhomes on the Internet. It’s perfect for out-of-town travel. I dream of owning a vehicle like that because it’s very convenient to use. It is fully furnished just like a small house. You can move freely in it, sleep and eat whenever you want to. I’ve seen a couple of actresses brandishing their newly purchased motorhomes on TV. If I own a van like that, I can always plan a weekend getaway for my family, just a breather for the busy week. 🙂