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Types of digital recording

While the use of digital recorders is in decline for general use, there are still a wide range of professions and trades that rely heavily upon digital recorders. Capturing and converting recorded audio files to other computers, recording devices, tablets and smartphones is easy with dictation software and digital recorders.

When it comes to personal use, many people purchase digital recorders to dictate lectures, speeches and important class notes when in college or in their professional careers. Capturing and recounting stories of elder family members is another popular way digital recorders are utilized. These digital diaries live on long after a treasured friend or family member has passed away. Recording and playing a digital diary, while setting it to music and photos during a celebration of life event, makes a memorable way to honor a fallen loved one. Digital recorders are also widely used during funerals, graduations and weddings.

Legal and medical professionals rely heavily on the use of dictation software and digital recorders. Their compact size makes them easy to transport, and the high-quality microphones pick up and enhance the quality of sound and speech. Many doctors are required to dictate case notes on their patients to add to their medical records and files. Surgeons almost always have a digital recorder to verbally take notes while performing surgery. In a legal setting, many attorneys and court reports rely on the use of digital recorders to capture audio in an accurate way; these audio files can often clear up any miscommunications and errors when transcribing.

News anchors and reporters in the field also utilize digital recorders and dictation software. When recording interviews, a digital recorder makes transcribing, editing and transferring the files to a computer a cinch. One example of a company selling Olympus dictation equipment and a variety of other digital recorders is: http://www.voicewareservers.com/digitalrecorders.aspx.

Whether you plan to use a digital recorder for fun and entertainment or need one for your career, a digital recorder can be a helpful tool in capturing audio files. You never know when you will need to record an important moment in your life.