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Worried Mom

My kids might be confined anytime today (depending on the result of another blood test at the FEU hospital) due to the possibility that they may have dengue fever.

Last night, I called up their pedia and read to her the initial result of their complete blood count and actual platelet count (cbc and apc). Their first blood test was taken after their initial check up at the East Avenue Medical Center yesterday afternoon. The range of their cbc and apc were still within the borderline but enough basis for the pediatrician to declare it’s dengue fever. However, she said the next 12 hours is crucial for the kids if their platelet will improve. Only oresol intake and colorless beverages will keep them from suffering dehydration. Dehydration is usually caused by high grade fever and vomiting. If their condition improves this morning there is no need for confinement.

While I was about to post this, I received a call from hubby that their cbc and apc went down from 158 last night to just 137 for Khalil and 106 for Naomi. Am now waiting for the doctor’s instruction where my kids will be taken. There are two options, FEU and Fairview Gen. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m requesting you all, to please pray from my children…thank you…