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DIY Projects Using Deco Poly Mesh

Deco Poly Mesh is a fabric similar to netting. Although a fabric of choice for professionals, it is extremely versatile for do-it-yourself projects and is great for beginners because of its ease of use. It is slightly stretchy but does hold its shape once it has been crafted. It is good to use for outdoor projects because it is waterproof. It comes a huge rainbow of colors and combinations of colors such as the example of purple, black and orange stripes that make it a perfect fabric for Halloween themed decorations.

A few simple instructions are all that’s needed to construct poly mesh wreaths, bows, ghosts, trees, candy shapes, animals and so many other decorative items. Poly mesh is a less messier, but still beautiful, replacement for evergreen garland encasing a staircase. It is a very forgiving fabric so if a mistake is made it is easily rectified by simply undoing the mistake and starting over with the same fabric!

Poly mesh rolls that are 21 inches wide and 30 feet long, like those found at http://www.batteryoperatedcandles.net/deco-poly-mesh.html, are perfect sized amounts to complete most projects. There are so many ways to use poly mesh it would be impossible to try and list them. However, in addition to decorations, the fabric adds an innovative twist to wrap gifts and even to replace cellophane on gift baskets. A piece of poly mesh wrapped around a wine bottle, then enhanced with a nifty hand-crafted bow turns an ordinary gift into one that has added sparkle.