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How Dancing Can Improve Your Health

There are a number of good reasons to regularly hit the dance floor. Dancing helps people let go of everyday inhibitions, enabling them to cut loose and have fun. Whether you enjoy dancing with others or prefer doing it by yourself, cutting a rug is sure to leave you feeling good. However, unbeknownst to many dance lovers, dancing is highly beneficial to one’s overall health. If you’re curious about the ways in which dancing can positively impact your wellbeing, consider the following benefits.

Heightened Memory

A number of medical studies – most notably, one featured in The New England Journal – have found that dancing on a daily basis serves to heighten memory and may ultimately help prevent the onset of dementia. As people grow older, the hippocampus shrinks. This is generally the precursor to extreme memory impairment and dementia. Fortunately, all the aerobic exercise involved with dancing helps reverse hippocampus-based volume loss, making it easier for people to retain memories over long periods.

Stress Reduction

Both music and aerobic exercise have been shown to reduce stress levels, and since dancing involves both of these things, it can deal a decisive blow to everyday stress. With this in mind, make sure to clear out some time for dancing at the end of each day. If you need a little bit of structure in your dance routine, consider signing up for dance lessons. In addition to providing you with great exercise, lessons will help you learn a fascinating assortment of dance styles. Californians looking for a dance studio San Luis Obispo can end their search at the Movement Arts Center. With its top-notch instructors, extensive course catalogue and affordable prices, MAC is the perfect place to brush up on your dance moves – and learn some new ones in the process.

Heart Health

As the number one killer worldwide, cardiovascular disease is truly a force to be reckoned with. Many types of dancing – particularly waltzing – have been shown to improve cardiovascular function, breathing and overall quality of life. So if you’re determined to keep your ticker in prime condition, dancing may be just what the doctor ordered.

Just in case you needed an excuse to show off your moves on the dance floor, doing so on a regular basis is synonymous with improved health. Daily dancing stands to improve your memory, reduce your stress levels and preserve your heart, so the next time someone invites you to bust a move, don’t hesitate to accept their invitation.