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My Journey to Better Health (Week 4): My Crossfit Work out Experience

Striving for better health has been a long and arduous journey for me – one that is riddled with many trials. Although it was no walk in the park, I’m proud to say that I was able to finish the CrossFit challenge. I may have been catching my breath for the most part, but I look forward to doing it again. It has become part of my firm resolve to lose weight and adapt a healthy lifestyle.

C-Lium sponsored our CrossFit work out session at the Crossfit Bonifacio Global City in Taguig last Thursday. Adapting exercises from the C-Lium Lose More Live More website, we were faced with the challenge of doing the Workout of the Day (WOD). This included seven counts of wall balls, box jumps, push-ups and burpees – which we had to complete and repeat in all of 10 minutes.

The trainer first asked us to choose our partner for the Crossfit session, and then gave us a few minutes to stretch and warm up before the start of the “grueling” 10-minute activity.

The presence of Pinoy Biggest Loser finalists Art and Angela who exercised with us, worked to my advantage as that motivated me to do the challenge.

The stretching alone gave me a sore muscle so I wasn’t able to give my best in doing wall balls and burpees. Instead of throwing the 3-kilogram ball off the wall I was allowed to just lift it or hold it up while doing a squat. I also missed the push-ups portion of the burpees. But it was okay according to the trainer.

Fortunately, I was able to complete three sets of the WOD in between short rests to catch my breath. Again, we had to do some stretching after the workout.

Our group shot after the work out session

Diet and nutrition

After the CrossFit challenge, our group was treated to a nice lunch and then a motivational talk from Nutritionists Nadine Tengco and Pinoy Biggest Loser finalists Art and Angela.

Ms. Tengco shared some tricks of the trade and taught us about the proper way to diet and what not to eat while on a diet. She also mentioned the importance of fiber in our diet as it speeds up metabolism. She warned us, though, about the dangers of starving ourselves in order to lose weight. She explained that skipping meals is a no-no in dieting as this causes our body to store more fat instead of lose it.

She shared that fiber; C-Lium in particular, can be taken not only with our favorite juice drink or coffee, but can also be mixed with our favorite food and as a post workout snack. When cooking Chopsuey or other saucy food for instance, C-Lium fiber can be used to thicken the sauce.

For his part, Art advised us to stick to a healthy diet by eating more veggies. Instead of cooked rice, he suggested that we substitute it with root crops like camote. He encouraged us by claiming that we can lose more pounds by strictly adhering to a healthy diet and exercise. As for exercise, Art believes that although CrossFit works, walking is still the best.

Angela said there are several ways to do exercise. Despite her being busy at work she still finds time to do exercise everyday. Since most of us in the audience are work-at-home moms, she said sweeping the floor, as well as other household chores, is a good form of exercise.

“Kahit malinis na ‘yung sahig, walisin ninyo ulit hanggang sa kumintab,” she said in jest.

My motivation

Three days after CrossFit, my body still aches- especially the thigh part! But if you ask me if I’m going to do the work out again, the answer will be a resounding YES! The 10-minute work-out is definitely worth the aches and muscle pain I still feel right now.

And with the help of C-Lium Fibre, I can eat cheesy nachos (Clium recipe) for a snack without the guilt, even when I am on a diet! 😉