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Desktop for sale

We are planning to sell our desktop and replace it with another laptop to conserve energy consumption. Hubby bought our second-hand laptop through Classified Ads. It’s easier to transact with online seller because you can discuss about the specs and price of the item right away.  Some of our gadgets here at home are bought online and they are still in good condition except for the first digital camera that we bought five years ago. Hubby said he will post the specs of the unit on olx.com soon.


The site is very convenient to browse.  Anyone who wish to sell anything on the net from gadgets, vehicle, and house to services can post a classified ad. There is also personal category for those who seek friendship and personal development like tutorial and language courses.

When I want to check on anything for sale in our area, I just key in For Sale Quezon City in the search browser and I landed easily on the page that I’m looking for. That fast.

Hubby found this site useful for job seekers as well. If you live anywhere near Makati area, just type in Jobs Makati and you might discover your dream job waiting for you. I notice an ad looking for singers bound for Hong Kong. I wish I could relay this to my former schoolmate who dream of making it big overseas. The gal has a wonderful voice only that she lacks exposure.

Anyway, wish us luck when we post our own ‘desktop for sale’ ad at oxl.com.