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Thank You for All the Christmas Gifts

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

Our family is thankful for having friends and relatives who remember us on special occasions.

It was a difficult time, but people still share what they have with others.

Sharing some of the pictures here to show how much we appreciate them. Thank you!!

SunnyHill Cakes (pineapple and mango) from my former editor.
Christmas gift package from my daughter’s employer.
Excellent products from my H’s friend.
Vitamin C supplement from our niece.
Maschibog’s Homemade Premiums from my long time friend and D’s ninang.
Sushi bake and baked spaghetti from our niece.

May all our families and friends thrive, happy and healthier this 2021 and beyond! I’m also claiming more job opportunities for all of us.

Meantime, while we are waiting for the vaccine to help ease the health crisis, let us stay safe and follow health and safety protocols for everybody’s sake. Cheers!!

Toys are a child’s delight

Ask any child what he likes for Christmas and he would surely go for toys. I have two kids who grew up loving every toy given to them. Some of their toys are still with us, some I shared to the kids in the neighborhood or friends. I have young niece and nephews who would surely be delighted to receive some of those toys this Christmas.


If you’re also planning to buy toys for your own kids and godchildren please be aware of the kind of toys you will give them. Just be careful not to pick up toys that may contain lead-based paint which are harmful to health. Only lead test kits can verify the presence of lead in toys. The kit contains lead test swabs that instantly alerts consumers to the presence of lead in consumer products. I’m not sure if there are available lead test kits locally, but you can check the links in my post to find out.

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