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Keeping the House in Order

My college friend said living with two energetic boys is not easy. She said they are bound to forget a litter somewhere or make a clutter of their things at any given day. The boys are bound to make a mess at one point or another. Leaving a scrap of paper there or a bunch of candy wrappers here, she said she’d probably have nurses uniforms hanging from the bathroom door handle if they had them. She said she try not to fret and stress much about it but there is really no easy way to keep the house in order especially now that the boys are home longer for the summer vacation. My friend said she can count on his boys to clean after themselves but they can only do so much of course, they are kids after all! So, what she did was placed carry-all baskets in strategic locations around the house and make sure garbage bins are also visible in the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. That way, with the boys help, she can keep the house clean and clutter-free.