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Tricks they employ during campaign

Election candidates resort to different gimmicks to get the attention of potential voters. They engage in various publicity stunts such as hiring singers and dancers as front during campaign sortie. Candidates also give out colorful items like promo keychains for easy recall. I think these campaign device will work well or appeal to recipients if they don’t display images of candidates as big as the giveaway item. Personally, I would ignore items like that if I receive one. Also, the name of candidates should be well placed so the items will not look cheap. People want something pleasing to the eye or fashionable (or wearable if it is a shirt or something). At the end of the day, these items will no longer matter to voters when they are decided whom to vote for. What is important is that candidates were able to reach out to voters and get them to understand their message (election platform) across. I hope everyone will decide and vote on May 10 according to the dictates of their conscience.

Businesses that thrive during election time

Election time is definitely a good season for venturing into business – be it in printing, designing, or any other things.

Businessmen could attest to the fact that production and sales of banners, streamers, posters, flyers, stickers, key chains, t-shirts, caps, fans, and pens are high during election season.

Candidates can choose from a wide variety of promotional items that suit their taste, need and, of course, budget.

If I have an ample budget right now, I would like to establish my own company particularly making campaign paraphernalia with my husband at the helm. He can do the layout (if we are to print banners, posters and the like) while I can try conceptualizing catchy phrases or lines for imprint on caps, fans, etc.

I know a candidate from the south with a unique idea for campaign paraphernalia. He distributes apple with personalized stickers on it during his campaign sortie.

But the age-old campaign materials such as billboard, streamers, and t-shirts remain a hit in campaign propaganda.