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Growing family of C-Lium users

This year is an important year for me because finally I was able to start my weight loss journey. Three months ago, I participated in a weight loss challenge for bloggers. I lost 7 pounds during the six-week challenge. It was tough, but I never gave up. Now, I’ve lost a total of 13 pounds and five inches off my waistline.

I’m still a work in progress, but I can safely say I trim down through proper diet, exercise and aid of C-lium fibre everyday. Fiber is known to prevent obesity and all the chronic diseases associated with aging. I’m taking C-lium before breakfast and it really helps me shed those unwanted fats and even makes me feel younger. Friends also say I look younger. 🙂

More and more people – practically from all walks of life – are attesting to the health benefits of C-Lium fibre. Read their testimonies.

Weight-loss reality show finalists (L-R) Raffy Tan, Hazel Chua, Angela Lupango and Art Mendoza.

Art Mendoza lost 129lbs after joining a weight loss reality show and was first introduced to daily use of C-lium Fibre.  “Before, I couldn’t even fit into a car seat. It was so embarrassing. But with regular exercise, proper diet and C-lium, I’ve managed to keep the weight off.” says Art.  Angela Lupango also lost 78lbs in the same program and made C-lium a daily habit. Now, with renewed confidence and a fitter physique, Angela was able to fulfill her dream of gracing the cover of a magazine.

Like Art and Angela,  Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua only trusts C-lium Fibre to keep them fit. They all wanted to maintain their desired weight and stay healthy to fulfill their dreams. “I used to weigh 206 lbs but with regular exercise, discipline with what i eat and daily supplementation of C-lium, i am now at my healthiest at 150lbs and inspire others to keep fit.” says Hazel. Raffy on the other hand also fought a hard battle with his weight which affected his health. “I really needed to lose the weight because at 287lbs, i was becoming sickly. Now at 207lbs, i am able to maintain my weight and conquer my dream of running a 42k.”

Richard Yap
Celebrity and C-lium user

Richard Yap, popularly Known as “Papa Chen” and “Sir Chief”, has been using C-lium for the past 3 years. At the age 45, he is considered a late bloomer in showbiz industry. Richard quipps, “Who would think that at my age, i would be given a good break. That’s why i make sure to keep myself looking and feeling young with C-lium Fibre everyday.”  Richard  uses C-lium as part of his fitness regimen to help manage his weight and lower his cholesterol and blood sugar levels – this makes him more papable.

Not only celebrities can testify of the great benefits of C-lium, even everydaypeople experienced this first hand.

Michael Acebedo Lopez
From 155lbs to 148lbs

As a mainstay panelist of “The Bottomline”, a newspaper columnist and strategic consultant, Mike Lopez ensures that he makes the most of whatever he has been blessed with. However, all the stress and work that he puts into achieving his goals take a toll on his health. This has prompted Mike to start advocating a healthy lifestyle, coupled with C-lium, a fiber supplement known to not only help one shed off the extra weight, but also lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. “Looking and feeling young undoubtedly goes beyond the physical; it has a positive effect on your overall well-being. To attain this, you have to have the right attitude, and of course, the willingness to commit to a healthier lifestyle. That’s where I’m ready to go the extra mile,” says Mike.

Pilipinas Pineda
From 147lbs to 138lbs

Pilipinas Pineda is the super mommy blogger behind the “Make or Break”,  “Dishes by Pehpot”, “Tech Pehpot”, and “My Painted Lips” blogs. For this housewife turned social media junkee, it’s not about just looking good and having a slimmer body, it’s about losing more so you can live more for your family. As a housewife who’s in her 30s, she realized that her body is not the same as it was in her younger years. “The weight became a barrier between me and my kids,” says Pehpot, “it was difficult  for me to catch up with them during playtime. She took up the C-lium Fibre challenge and was very pleased to find out that she not only lost a significant amount of body fat, she also shaved off a substantial amount from her cholesterol and blood sugar levels in just four weeks.

Ryan Cavell Ong
From 260lbs to 194lbs

Sitting in front of his computer, attending office parties where high-calorie foods are ever-present, stressful work situations, and working long hours are just a few of the factors that led to Ryan Ong’s extra weight gain. As an art director for an ad agency, he knows that his job would make him prone to being obese. That’s why he decided to make a drastic lifestyle change—he started going to the gym and took C-lium Fibre regularly. Now at his fittest form, Ryan balances his day job with his passion for dancing as a gym instructor. Ryan reveals his secret to looking and feeling young: “The answer is simple. I want to be healthy. To achieve this goal, exercise, proper nutrition and self control are key.”

Lady Bell Dimapilis
From 130lbs to 120lbs

Bey Dimapilis strongly believes that having a baby is not an excuse to look big and old. For her, looking and feeling young is very important. With just a few weeks of exercise and regular C-lium use, she has dropped 10 pounds and feels much lighter.   “My goal is to be able to stay physically fit by having a healthy lifestyle. I want to constantly feel good and comfortable with my body. C-lium helps me by providing me with the right amount of fiber every day. So, no matter how busy I am as a mom and businesswoman, I have the energy and confidence to do the things I love.”

Being fit is not just about adding years to one’s life, it’s also about adding life to one’s years. You, too, can start your journey to wellness by adding C-Lium Fibre to your everyday regimen. With proper diet, regular exercise and your daily dose of C-lium Fibre, you can look forward to a healthier you, So start looking and feeling young today – visit www.clium.com.ph/losemore to find out more.