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Almost tempted

Would you believe I have samples of diet and health supplement at home but I never dare tried any of them even if they are BFAD approved? I have nothing against supplements in fact I take my vits daily and they are food supplements right? But if I have a choice I would prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables than taking supplements. But since I can’t cook vegetables all the time or buy fresh fruits in a whim, I take vitamins to complement the nourishment that I don’t get from my daily food intake.

Talking about supplements, I had a not so good experience with writing about supplements in the past. I mistook the name of the branded food supplement as generic name for a food supplement product in question. The company demanded a retraction on my part. Since it was an honest mistake and does not really intended to malign the product, I air their side and all went well. They even gave me a sample of the said food supplement. I accepted the product but never really tried it. In fact, I gave the sample to one of my editors. If the incident happens now, at least I have a choice between writing about them and writing a nuphedragen review.