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ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink: The promise of youthful skin

Women my age consider actress Gretchen Baretto as the epitome of ageless beauty. She’s in her 40’s but doesn’t look close to her age. Aside from the fact that good looks runs in her blood, she can afford to maintain her appearance by following a certain beauty regimen. I’m not a big fan of hers, but I’m curious how she managed to keep her skin smooth and glowing like a woman in her 20s.

Last week, I saw Gretchen’s billboard as I was passing through C5 road. She is endorsing a skin product called ivi that promises to erase age mark. Now, I think I know the secret to her youthful skin.

When I got home, I researched about ivi on the internet. The site says its ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink. I read carefully about the ingredients, direction for use and how it is supposed to work . I’m not used to taking anything to improve my appearance like whiten my skin or slim down, but this one, I want to give it a try because it’s not a pill but a powder drink that I can take with my favorite drink.

I’m not sure if my friends already notice it, but I have this fine line and visible dark circle under my eyes. They are clear indicators of ageing, which I bet you also fear of seeing in your face. We could not stop the ageing process, however, we can do something to delay it or slow it down by limiting exposure to the sun and pollutants that could damage the skin.

From the website, I’ve learned that each sachet of ivi contains the recommended amount of collagen. Collagen is the building block of our skin, the one responsible for its firmness and elasticity. We lost a considerable amount of collagen as we age. Our body stops producing it as we get older. This is where Ivi supposedly helps; (based on the website) it replenish the lost collagen in no time.

My first set of ivi

I guess, it’s about time I try something to improve my skin. So, after giving it much thought, I bought a box last week. I’m not expecting a miracle though, but I want to see for myself if the promise to “erase” age mark is true.

I’m mixing a sachet today with my cup of coffee and hope to see the improvement in 14 days. Watch out for the second part of this post.

Word of advice: Don’t take ivi if you think you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. Consult with you doctor first before taking anything.

Potion Ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink
ivi Premium Collagen Powder Drink is available at Watsons, Southstar, Mansons, Medexpress branches.