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GT: April 30 in History

Since it’s Marce Kaye‘s birthday month, the whole month of July is reserved for birthday topics. To add more fun, she is preparing something special to a lucky GT participant, who will complete all 4 weeks, at the end of the month.

This week’s theme is about Birthday Trivia:

Here are some interesting events that coincide with April 30, my birth date.


1245 – King Philip III of France

1662 – Queen Mary II of England

1770 – David Thompson, Canadian explorer

1959 – Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

1978 – Tom Fulp, animator and founder of Newgrounds

1982 – Kirsten Dunst, American actress

1981 – Emma Pierson, British actress


1492 – Spain gives Christopher Columbus his commission of exploration.

1937 – The Philippines holds a plebiscite for Filipino women on whether they should be extended the right to suffrage; over 90% would vote in the affirmative.

1945 – World War II: Führerbunker: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide after being married for one day. Soviet soldiers raise the Victory Banner over the Reichstag building.

1973 – Watergate Scandal: U.S. President Richard Nixon announces that top White House aids H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and others have resigned.

1993 – CERN announces World Wide Web protocols will be free.

Holidays and Observances:

Birthday of the King Carl XVI Gustav, one of the official flag days of Sweden.

Children’s Day (Mexico)

Consumer Protection Day (Thailand)

Queen’s Day, the largest one-day holiday in the Netherlands.

Teacher’s Day (Paraguay)