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What beauty can do to win the hearts of voters

I saw movie and television actress Ara Mina yesterday morning while campaigning with her father in our area. The actress, who possesses one of the pretty faces in local showbiz, is running for councilor in Quezon City. Her father Ismael “Chuck” Mathay III, who is her spitting image, is pinning his hope to win the congressional spot for the 2nd District this election. I heard that the patriarch Mel Mathay Jr. (was not present in the campaign sortie) is also planning to regain his former post as city mayor. Look like someone is building an empire once more.

Ara Mina is already in her 30’s, but from afar she looks so much younger. With her flaw less complexion, I doubt that she’s applying wrinkle cream or related beauty products to maintain her youthful glow. She’s like a breath of fresh air, but will her beauty propel her candidacy this coming May 10 elections? We’ll see about that. 🙂