Stay-at-home dad

Not in my husband’s immediate plan. But if ever I have an offer to work abroad, I’m confident to leave my kids to their father’s care because I know he can perform the role of both mom and dad to them. I will have no worries handing over the management of our home to him. I’m proud to say that he can wash, iron and fold clothes, he can clean the house, and he can prepare, but not cook food (oops). He can be their tutor too (remember he’s good in math).
He’s also our all around handyperson. Imagine even during his day offs; he still manage to help around the house instead of resting. That’s the kind of person he truly is. Ever wonder how he can perform all that. Well, it could be the men’s vitamin that he is taking that gives him the stamina. He could pass for a SAHD alright, but there’s one slightly negative trait that he needs to improve on. He should learn to be stricter to our kids because he has the tendency to spoil our kids. Hmmm…

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